D-Link Video recorder – DNR-202L – Installation & Screenshots


DNR-202L is the D-Link’s simple solution to record videos on event or continuously to an attached external hard drive.

Download windows/mac setup from support.dlink.ca. Run the setup file.

screenshot-22 screenshot-23 screenshot-24 screenshot-25 screenshot-26 screenshot-27 screenshot-28
Note down the DNR-202L, IP address we may need it.

Create a password and confirm the password for DNR-202

screenshot-30 screenshot-31 screenshot-32 screenshot-33

DNR-202 will now search for available cameras in the networks. Make sure the DNR-202L, computer and cameras are in the same network (or connected to the same router)


Select the camera and enter the password or create a password if there is no password set.

screenshot-35 screenshot-36 screenshot-37 screenshot-38 screenshot-39 screenshot-40