How to install D-Link Wireless Range Extenders (DAP-1620)

Wireless range extends can be used to extend your already existing wireless network. D-link range extenders are one of the best extenders out there for their ease of setup and reliability.

DAP-1620 screenshots for Advanced setup

There are 3 ways to setup

  1. By QRS mobile app
  2. By WPS setup
  3. Manual setup


  1. By QRS mobile app

D-Link has QRS mobile app, which can be used to set-up most routers and range extenders. The app can be downloaded from Apple appstore or Google playstore.

Step :1

Plugin your extender to a power outlet and wait until the LED on the extender turns flashing amber


Download QRS mobile app from Apple Appstore or Google playstore.

Step: 3

Connect your mobile phone or tablet to your D-Link extender wifi network.  The default wifi name and password for the extender will be on the configuration card received with the extender or should be on the extender label.

Screenshot (10)dap1620_28524528963_o



Once your device is connected to the extender wifi network, open the QRS mobile app. Click on Start. Make sure you select right ‘operation mode’, here it is as extender/repeater and then click Next





Step: 5

It will scan for all wireless networks available. Select your Wi-Fi (SSID)/home Wi-Fi name for which you wanted to extend the network.

dap1620_28524528503_o dap1620_29037758112_o


Type the password for your Wi-Fi network you are connecting to. Next step, it will ask you to change your extender wireless name and password for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks and click Next.


Step: 7

Create the admin password for the extender (you may need it in case if you want to change your extender Wi-Fi name and password later).

Click Next, check your final Wi-Fi names and password and click Save.


Once finished, you should see ‘Congratulations’ screen, click on OK.

Then re-connect your devices to the extender Wi-Fi network and you are good to go.

The LED on the extenders will turn ‘Solid Green’ if everything goes smooth.

Note: Extenders may have difficulty connecting to Sagemcom & Pace modem/router’s.