How to view Hikvision Cameras using iVMS-4200

Download ivms-4200 from Hikvision site 

Several OEM manufacturers use different forks of ivms software, try installing the version compatible with your version of DVR/NVR

2. Install the software and open the ivms-4200 application. 

3. You should be greeted with Registration screen. create a password for this applocation, Enable auto-login and click on register.

Adding a Device to the Software

4. Click on Control Panel on the top Menu and click on Device Management. 

5. Select “Hik-vision Device” under Device Type and Click on “Add”

 6. Select IP Domain and Add your DVR/NVR details as shown and click “Add”. 

 Make sure proper port forwarding is done for the DVR/NVR, i used 8000 as the Mobile/media port

7. Once the Device is added, click on “Control panel”

8. Click on “Main View”

9. If there is no cameras as shown below, the cameras were not imported to the application. 

10. Click on “Control panel” again and click on “Device management”. click on Group and “Import”.

11. You should see all Cameras on the NVR/DVR, select and Click on Import or click on Import All. 

12. Add a name for the Group if it asks. 

13. Click on Import or Import All to the Group you created. 

14. Go back to “Main View”. You should see the cameras. Just drag and drop each camera to the fields on the left. 

15. You should see all cameras live view on screen. You can select different views if you have more than 4 cameras. 

    How to View Playback or Extract Footage from IVMS-4200 Application ?