How to View playback and Extract footage using iVMS-4200.

Open the iVMS-4200 Application on your computer. 

If the the application is not configured or for initial setup, please click here

  1. Go to Control Panel, Click on “Remote Playback”.  

2. On the left menu, select the camera 

3. Select the Date Range you wish to see the recordings. Select start time and end time. press OK 

4. click on Search 

5. You should see all recordings during the selected time period. You can use the slider at the bottom to navigate the recordings or on the right based on time and Click “Play” button. 

Downloading Footage

6. Once you have the time period, right click on the middle window and click on “Download”

7. You can either select Download by files or Download by date. 

8. Verify Date and time, check box Download player and click Download. 

9. Once download is complete, usually recording are store in your C/ivms-4200/Video

10. Use the included “Player” to view the footage.