Installing D-Link cameras – Android – mydlink lite


  1. Click on Add a New camera. Select NO/YES for QR Code Setup;select your camera. Select NO for WPS setup.
  2. LED on the camera must flash orange and click READY. Select your Wi-Fi network to which the camera needs to connected. Set/Create a password
    for the camera
    screenshot_2016-09-14-11-20-45 screenshot_2016-09-14-11-21-17 screenshot_2016-09-14-11-21-52

3. Time Zone is automatically set based on your phone’s time zone.Create or Add to your existing mydlink account. Setup done, you should see the camera listed under local/remote.
screenshot_2016-09-14-11-22-50 screenshot_2016-09-14-11-23-35 screenshot_2016-09-14-11-23-43