Installing DCS-960L/936L/2530 Camera

There are couple of ways to install DCS-960L/DCS-936L/DCS-2530 cameras

Steps are similar for these 3 cameras. 

DCS-960L Screenshots

  1. mydlink lite app
  2. CWN Setup method(Camera Wi-Fi Network)
    Scenario 1: via Universal Setup Wizard
    Scenario 2: Via mydlink lite app

Motion Detection on DCS-960L

mydlink lite app (iOS / Android)

Step 1: Download mydlink lite app from app store or google play store.

Step 2: Click on Local tab, after the app explores for nearby cameras in the network click on ‘Add a new camera’

Step 3: If you have QR Code from the configuration card, scan the code or select NO for QR code and select the camera model manually.


Step 4: Plug in power adapter, click Next and select ‘NO’ for WPS and then click ‘Ready’ if the LED on the camera flashing Orange

dcs-960_29288514500_o dcs-960_29544588016_o dcs-960_29578704095_o

Step 5 : Connect your mobile to the camera Wi-Fi (SSID & password is on the configuration card or on the camera label). Get back to the app and click Next


Step 6: Now the camera will scan for your wireless networks. Select your wifi name from the list, enter password to connect


Step 5: After successful connection, app will set the timezone based on phone’s region settings. Click OK


Step 6: If you already signed in to mydlink account, you will be prompted to add to your mydlink account. Select YES and create a password for the camera. Now the camera is setup


Note: If you click on remote and if you get ‘firmware update’ notification, try upgrading the firmware, it may take upto 5-10 min.


Enabling Motion detection recording to SD card through mydlink lite app

  1. Tap on the camera from local/remote tab on mydlink lite app
  2. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner
  3. Click on Settings, Motion detection

dcs-960_29578703725_o img_1722 dcs-960_28955124773_o

4. Enable motion detection, select the active area (optional)and enable ‘Recording by motion detection’.

dcs-960_29468736172_odcs-960_29498265721_odcs-960_28953179724_o dcs-960_29288513120_o dcs-960_29288513460_o

5. Go back, and the recording is enabled to record to an SD card

Note : By default, the maximum video length is 1 min when enabled recording from mydlink lite app. You can change by login to the camera via its IP address

CWN Setup method

This setup can be used if for some reason you cannot able to complete setup using mydlink lite app on your phone/tablet.

Step 1: Connect your mobile phone/tablet/laptop to the camera wifi network. (The camera wifi name and password is on the configuration card you received with the camera)

Step 2: If you don’t see the camera wifi network, make sure the LED on the camera is blinking orange/amber and try factory reset on the camera.

28975755613_a9919221ce_oStep 3: Once connected, open a web browser on your phone/tablet and go to (type the numbers in the address bar and press enter).


Step 4: You will ask to enter username & password. By default username is Admin and leave the password field blank and click Login


Step 5: Once logged in, click on Setup and Wireless settings on the left.


Step 6 : Click on Scan/Site survey and connect to your wifi network, type your wifi password and click Save settings

screenshot-75Screenshot (44)

Step 7: Now the LED must be Green on the camera. If yes, the camera is on your network now.

Once the camera is on network, either you can register for mydlink service through mydlink lite app or Universal Setup wizard on your computer.

Through mydlink lite app

  1. Open mydlink lite app, click on local tab.
  2. Wait until the app finish ‘exploring nearby cameras’.
  3. Once done, you should be able to see the camera listed (If you don’t find the camera CLICK HERE)
  4. Click on the ‘+’ icon in the blue cloud
  5. Create a password for the camera or use the password if you already have one.
  6. It will ask you to either register for mydlink service or add to your already existing account


Click on remote tab, you should see the camera listed and online. Upgrade firmware if it asks you to do.

If you don’t find the camera in local tab, LED is green on the camera

  1. Open mydlink lite app, click on ‘Add a New camera’
  2. Scan the QR Code or Manually select the camera from the list
  3. Select YES on WPS Setup screen. Swipe left until you see READY
  4. click on Ready (Do not press any WPS button on router or on the camera)
  5. Once done, it will ask you to create a password for the camera
  6. Once the timezone is selected, it will ask you to add to existing mydlink account or create a new account
  7. Setup should now be completed.

Through Universal setup wizard

  1. Download Universal Setup Wizard from or
  2. Once downloaded, open the file, allow or click yes if you see any firewall notifications.


3. Select language, Click on Start


4. Accept T & C (I Agree)


5. DO NOT choose the camera model, instead click on SKIP INSTRUCTION


6. No the wizard should show up all the cameras right now on the network. Select the camera you wish to add to your mydlink account.


7. Create a password for the camera & click NEXT


8. Create New account or use Existing account if you already have mydlink account.

screenshot-8 screenshot-9 screenshot-10

9. Setup is now complete.